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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In English mode suddenly and couldn't type properly in Chinese. Haha! I guess I read too much English blogs just now.

2009 is coming to an end and 2010 is coming. The coming year will be a year of much challenges, as I'm officially taking 3 classes (full load) next year. I just hope that my future bunch of kids can be easily managed and do not give me much trouble. (FAT HOPE! =p)

Well, 2009 as a whole, is a good year for me. I graduated smoothly from NIE with a diploma in credit, which is quite good enough for me, although I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't crossover to the BA course due to my mediocre polytechnic results. But anyway, I was posted to Woodgrove Primary School and life's good there! I was scared and sceptical in the beginning but as I grew to know my colleagues better I really like them so much! =) They are all so nice to me and I'm truly blessed to get nice colleagues!

Of course, there are also low times in the first half of 2009, with stormy waves in my love life but things turned out well at the end so I have nothing to complain about too. Family wise, atmosphere at home is better, we still quarrel but nothing too hurting I think. So, in general, 2009 had been a GREAT year!

Especially during the December holidays, I had many chances to meet up with my different cliques of friends (my BP gang, NIE friends, Haagen Dazs ex-colleagues, present colleagues and others...) and it's really heart warming to know that I'm surrounded with so many friends.

And of course, I had to mention the bonding of our BP gang through our first time ever chalet and late-night talk! =) These long time secondary friends had been there for like...9 years? We were considered close but there's so much that we don't know about each other even though we had been friends for so long! I guess it's because of the lack of heart-heart talks? Or perhaps we stopped baring our hearts to each other after "growing up"? I'm so glad that after so many years we started our first step to really know about each other and discuss about things we never talked about before. It's great to know that someone cares. I think we should continue with our small group late night talks, maybe in my house next time? More comfortable and we can talk with the lights off with a torchlight on, just like what we did in our secondary school days! But make sure we don't fall asleep! haha!

I guess the next time I blog will be next year. Cya next year for new year resolutions! =)

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