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Monday, June 22, 2009

Been a long time since I updated my blog. I suddenly find no drive to keep writing blog. Haha! Anyway, it's time to some housekeeping of my blog. heex.

From most recent to least recent:

1. Went shopping with Kimberley. Caught the shopholic virus from her and bought quite a few things. A T-shirt, a vest and a white formal dress. Maybe I would wear the dress to the Teachers' Investiture. Haiz spent a lot of $$ recently, perhaps I should get some tuition.

2. The food hunt last thursday was a success. Everyone enjoyed the fun! Credits go to Kim's hard work in organising. =)

3. Just came back from Pangkor, Malaysia last Monday. Pangkor wasn't as beautiful as I imagined but the company was good so I still enjoyed the short trip. But the bus trip is horrible, at least about 10 hours. Out of the 10 hours, I think the most I slept was 2-3 hrs, as the bus seat was so dirty that I developed rashes. My legs were so itchy that I couldn't sleep. Not forgetting that I have a heavy head (my bf) on my lap. LOL!

In general, life has been good. The stormy days are gone and things are turning better. I hope my life can continue to be nice and sunny. =) Upcoming is Mr Ah Bong's birthday celebration at Sentosa, Miss Dixie birthday celebration (in process of planning), Teachers' Investiture, our anniversary and of course my 1st day of school! Hope everything will go smoothly and we all can enjoy ourselves!

P.S: I shall blog about my pangkor trip next and perhaps blog about Yoga's concert which happened eons ago (as requested by the upcoming birthday girl Dixie).

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