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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


今年的情人节过得不错!除了第一年的情人节以外,我想我们已经很久没有在情人节好好地浪漫一下了。哈哈!可以说我们俩人都不是太注重情人节 =)2月13日,情人节前夕,我们决定到The Central 的 Ma Maison吃晚餐。竟然等了大概一小时才有位子!(人超多!!)原本早就要锦海打电话预定位子了,但是他觉得情人节前夕不需要定位,所以就没有预定位子!唉!只能自认倒霉了!饿着肚子等啊等,才终于等到位子!


过了不久,我们点的餐点就来了!锦海点的是Tonkatsu套餐(日式炸猪排),而我点的是Seafood Paella (海鲜西班牙炒饭)。

锦海的Tonkatsu味道不错,如果他说Tampopo(Liang Court)的日式炸猪排更好吃哦!Heex..下次一定要到Tampopo吃吃看!我的Seafood Paella超好吃的啦!我竟然吃得一粒米也不剩!不过也可能是我太饿的关系啦!呵呵!=)总之,虽然情人节前夕的晚餐害我饿了好久,不过还是不错的啦!

情人节当天,我们到动物园去。虽然不久前才跟Dixie和她的学生到动物园去过,但是和他一起去感觉特别浪漫!哈哈!想不到动物园也可以浪漫吧?我们本来以为只有我们才会想在情人节去动物园,想不到我们到了动物园,发现到处都是情侣!虽然全家大小一起出游的也不在少数,但是情侣的人数比起平时可以说是暴增哦!哈哈!除了探访动物园里的几乎所有动物外(我们逛了4多小时),我们还看了动物园新的Animal show - The Rainforest Fights back哦!很不错,蛮好看的,加入了戏剧的元素。但是,我总觉得有点本末倒置。毕竟,这是动物园,主角应该是动物,但是我总觉得可爱的小动物们在这个animal show里成了不折不扣的配角,主角变成那些演员了。我想,这是The Rainforest Fights back唯一的缺点吧!

对了,差点儿忘了提起锦海今天送我的情人节礼物了!哈哈!他今年送给我的情人节礼物是一张我们两人的照片(photoshop edit过的)和一篇错字连篇、搞笑却又很感人的“情书”! 哈哈!我可是边笑边哭着看完的呢!=)在这里,谢谢我的亲亲老公!!人家说如果真心相爱,天天都是情人节。但是,我觉得适时地向情人表达爱意是一件能够让彼此爱情持续燃烧的方式。有情人的朋友们,要记得这一点哦!
Saturday, February 7, 2009

There are so much stuffs I wanted to blog about but never got the chance or time to blog them out. Things like the Mayday concert, the gong de rituals, CNY and everything. However, I gotta blog about the movie I watched yesterday night. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Movie Plot:
"I was born under unusual circumstances." And so begins "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards. A man, like any of us, who is unable to stop time. We follow his story set in New Orleans from the end of World War I in 1918, into the 21st century, following his journey that is as unusual as any man's life can be - a grand tale of a not-so-ordinary man and the people and places he discovers along the way, the loves he finds, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.

Once you watched that, I guess you will understand why it got nominated for so many awards in Oscar. It might be a little slow-paced and a little too long (3 hours).But if you keep on watching,I'm sure you will find the plot intriguing.

Imagine a guy being born as a 80 something years old man? He lives life in a anti-clockwise way and gets younger and younger day by day when others around him gets older and older day by day. The plot itself is already very interesting and the movie completes with greating acting from Brad Pitt! I never saw him act like this before. His acting is great and convinces me that he is Benjamin Button, no matter it's a 7 years old boy stuck in a 80 something years old body or a 50 something years old man looking like a teenager. He should get the Best Actor ok! =)

Well, this movie is certainly unique and I really liked the plot! It kept me thinking about life. The best years of your life is really only that few years. You would have to live your life to the fullest or your best years would just pass before you realised it, mo matter you age forward (like a normal person) or backwards(like Benjamin Button). Besides that, it's pure pleasure seeing Brad Pitt growing younger and younger bit by bit. (Coz he became more and more handsome. LOL!)Although I suddenly liked Brad Pitt after this movie (never been a fan of his before), I wouldn't like to be his girlfriend! I would hate to see my wrinkles growing out every single day and see his wrinkles disappearing. Haha!

The make up and the effects of the movie is great and there are some scenes of humour too. I love the guy who got stuck by lightning 7 times. Just makes me laugh. Haha! And everything in the movie is just so precise! From the interior, the make-up ,the clothings...right up to the underwear of the actor and actresses! Makes me feel convinced that they are really in that era of time. Woo!! Just so cool!

So guys, remember to watch this movie. I'm sure you won't regret. However, make sure you are feeling awake when you buy the tickets. If you are feeling sleepy, you better watch it another day.

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