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Monday, December 29, 2008

For the benefit of some people who do not enjoy reading chinese, I shall blog in english this time as it will be a long post again. (Due to the fact that I had been too busy/lazy to blog for quite long =p)

Firstly, I shall talk about my Mayday 新歌飙唱会 concert ticket!! I GOT IT!! I'm going to the concert on this coming Sunday! Haha!! Excited!! Here's the proof that I got the ticket!! =)I'm so happy!

Next, shall talk about my christmas celebrations. This year is especially busy for me as almost all my groups of friends had gathering for christmas. The 1st one was lunch at Joanne's house on Christmas Eve! It was a short event and it's just the few of us but it's really nice catching up with each other! Joanne's cooking is superb and we all enjoyed her HK style pork chop spaghetti.

Here's Joanne's D.I.Y Menu of the day made from used soya bean glass bottle.Isn't it nice? Check out her D.I.Y handmade stuffs' tutorials at www.berubetto.blogspot.com!!

Joanne's HK style Pork Chop Spaghetti!! Super tasty! =)

The desert of the day: Vanilla Ice-Cream with Short Bread Crumbs.

Peiyun, Kolay, Me & Joanne!!

The 2nd Christmas gathering was at Kaixin's house on Christmas day afternoon. It was potluck so I cooked some chicken wings (with the help of jinhai's mum as I don't have enough time that day)! Haven't seen them for really long time so it's good to see them and do some chatting. However, it's a pity that peirong, zhiqi, chee wee and huilee did not turn up for the gathering. Or else, I guess it will be even more fun! Well, never mind. There's always another time. =)

My Chicken Wings!! =)

All of us having steamboat!

Then, finally my 3rd Christmas gathering with my NIE friends at Kangli's house on Christmas day night. It was potluck too so special thanks to my mum who cooked the fried bee hoon and Steven the delivery man! =p We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with the games (Taboo & Pictionary) planned by Dixie the game master. I helped her with the planning too! =) As usual, our gathering is full of laughter all thanks to Steven and Fu Shan. Haha! It was really fun and a perfect ending to Christmas!

Then, got to blog about my Johor trip with my BP gang! (We are not some traid members ok! BP stands for Bukit Panjang Govt. High Sch.) It was a 3 days 2 nights trip and we enjoyed ourselves. Although there's nothing much to buy for me as I didn't like the malaysian fashion style, I still think this trip to johor is loads of fun as it's great bonding time for us! It has been a long time since we hang out together like this and we had never been on a overseas trip together before although we had been friends for 8 years! It's really too bad that it wasn't full attendence due to the absence of Yixian & Wee Meng. =( I want KL trip next year! Heex.

Day 1

1st stop: City Square. City Square is now linked to the Johor customs. I think that it's much more safe now as we don't have to walk on the roads to get to City Square now. (Lesser chances for us to get robbed.)However, of course! It's always better to be safe than sorry! =)

Nice place to shop at! I liked the shoes at Vincci as they are cheap and nice! The skincare products at The Skinfood is also much more cheaper than it is in Singapore! The Aloe BB Cream costs S$38 in Singapore and costs only RM $54.90 (about $22sth) in Malaysia! Bodyshop also costs a bit cheaper than it is in Singapore for certain products. I think I might just grab a passport and go over for shopping if I get the chance!

2nd stop: Jusco. Really big shopping centre! It's sort of more "high class" with brands like topshop, mango, Espirit etc. Some of the clothes there are nice though I didn't buy any. Haha! A little bit expensive you see. The only thing I bought there are Topshop tank tops. (Same promotion as Singapore, buy 2 get 20% but is slightly cheaper than Singapore due to currency rate.)

We had dinner over there at Nandos. It was voted the best halal restaurant in Malaysia. Nice restaurant similar to Kenny Rogers but we all think that the food at Nandos is even more yummy! =) And I love the black chicken! Haha! He/She is just so cute and AA (attracting attention)! LOL! The chicken actually posed for me to take photos of him/her!

After our dinner, we went for more shopping! Then, we went to Tsuen Yung's house to put our lugguage down, do some washing up and spent some time looking at our very XXXX prom night photos. Haha!! We went for supper at a prata shop near Tsuen Yung's house and Tsuen Yung bought Ip Man's DVD outside the 7-11 for us to watch at his house. LOL! Tsuen Yung told me it's I-P Man. I nearly laughed my head off! It's 叶问ok!! LOLLOLLOLLOL! The day ended just like that after watching I-P Man. The guys slept at the guest's room downstairs while Janice and I slept in Tsuen Yung's sister's bedroom. =)

Day 2

1st stop: Tsuen Yung took us to the nearby park in his estate for morning exercise. I felt so safe in the park as only people living in the estate have access to the park. Haha! The park is on the hills and even have monkeys in the park! Nice view at the pavilion in the park too.

2nd stop: Here comes my all-time favourite past time. K- lunch at Plaza Pelangi's Red Box. I was amazed that the K-lunch menu at Red Box included food items like Meat ball spaghetti, herbal chicken soup and sambal dory fish. OMG! K-Box please learn from your twin brother in Malaysia! I had the herbal chicken soup and it's really nice!

The songs at Red Box is new enough and I was surprised by the superb sound system! (Another thing K-box should learn from his twin brother.)As usual, it was my concert again! It was until the last 1 hour that the guys decided they should sing. Haha! We had a medley of English oldies and it's fun to see my usually "reserved" friends dancing to the beat of Dancing Queen. LOL!! The atmosphere was really good! Tsuen Yung should upload the video clip to Youtube!! Hahahaha! I love KTV!

We sang from 11:30am to 3pm (the Red Box people are nice enough to give us more time) and went shopping after that. I bought a nice blue and red checkered bag while Janice bought a nice beige dress for herself. Ah Bong & KT also bought T-shirts for themselves. Quite a nice place to shop at!

3rd Stop: Holiday Plaza. Haha! Tsuen Yung said it's piracy heaven. I thought it's ok lah but I didn't really like the shops over there. However, the guys T-shirts are nice over there so I bought one for Jinhai.

4th Stop: Seafood by the seaside for dinner. I don't know where this place is but it's famous for seafood! Tsuen Yung's parents were worried that he couldn't find his way so they went with us too. The salted egg crabs is so delicous! *drools* And it's really cheap too! Only RM$35 per kg! Half price of Singapore! Heex!! We had deep fried baby squids, salted egg crabs, thai sauce chicken, vegetables, furong egg and fried bee hoon and it's only RM$124 for 8 people!! We gave Tsuen Yung and his parents a treat as they put us up for 2 nights and we were a bit pai seh to let them pay. =)

Day 3 (Our last day)

Took pictures in Tsuen Yung's house before we left his place.

1st stop: Kueh Zup for breakfast. Nice kueh zup over there! Everyone had 2 bowls! Hahaha!! Yummy!!

2nd Stop: Plaza Angsana. Nothing much to shop there except there's quite a few shoe shops. But I didn't manage to buy the slippers I liked so much as there no more size 5!! Sadz! We wanted to bowl over there but no more slots for us! So we went to Dunkin Donuts for pretty and nice donuts while we wait for Tsuen Yung to fetch his gf from the airport! Heex.

3rd Stop: City Square again. Went to City Square again for more shopping before we went back to Singapore. Finally bought a red and black checkered jacket! Haha! I suddenly realised I like checkered stuffs alot nowadays. And bought another cute T-shirt for Jinhai. We had our very late lunch cum early dinner at a Japanese restaurant there before we head for the customs.

In conclusion, my christmas celebration and johor trip are all a success! Have a great time meeting up with my different groups of friends! So happy and blissful! =) Sorry for the extra long post again! Heex! Lots of stuffs to record down you see! =p I promise I will write shorter post next time. heex.

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