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Saturday, October 25, 2008

K-Box Session.

I'm purely lazy! I decided to write my post today in English.

We had a girls' outing yesterday (so Steven please don't complain we nv ask you all these k..lol). Great time singing our lungs out and it's was fun. But, ziying didn't really sing, as usual haha.The k-lunch was super lousy and ironically, the staff asked us to give them feedback regarding the food. Of course, I gave them a detailed report. LOL!

Chicken Rice - Too oily. The chicken is soaked in oil.
Soy Sauce Fish - It's just steamed fish with a bit of soy sauce. Tasteless and not fresh at all. Very bad.
Gong Bao Chicken - The fried chicken is soggy. (but can be considered the best of all)

Well, although I gave them very bad comments regarding the k-lunch, I don't think they would want to improve on their food. You know why? That's because Miss Dixe Tan polished off all the food although she ate a mac burger before our k-box session. Haha! I ate half of my rice, peifen also ate about half, ziying ate a few mouthfuls and dixe finished it everything else off because she thought the rice is delicious (plus 3 orange puddings). Well, the feedback given wasn't convincing at all because of her! LOL...Dixie!!

After our k-box session, Dixie and Ziying played a round of pool while Peifen and I stood aside gossiping about our boyfriends (oops..) After that, I accompanied Dixie to the hairdresser (Kimage School of Hairdressing at Funan IT Mall) while hardworking Peifen went home to do her assignment and Ziying went Suntec for money-changing.
Well, I decided dye my hair (can't stand the uneven colour anymore) while Dixie cut her hair. Dixie was really lucky and got a HANDSOME hairdresser to cut her hair. He took about 1 hour plus to cut her hair and the results is quite good. A stylish hairstyle for Dixie for the price of $6! Value for $$! Ziying also got a new haircut, also quite nice except that she don't have "enough" hair so the fringe not thick enough. Well, I guess it really depends on your luck.
Poor me got a blur-like-sotong hairdresser who nearly "burn" my scalp with the hairdryer! Imagine me dodging the hairdryer here and there, behaved like "a bollywood actress behind a tree" in order to save my scalp! I had to keep telling her to lower down the heat until a senior walked by and taught her the correct way to use a hairdryer -_- With the help of her seniors and teacher, I got a decent hair dye and the outcome is not bad for the price ($35 for single shade dye and $15 for treatment). I overheard the teacher praising her for the work and said she improved a lot. So, i believe I'm actually lucky yesterday. Like what Dixie said, I'm considered lucky, there are many who suffered a worse fate than me!
Well, I guess I will still go to the Kimage School of Hairdressing next time (because of the cheap price and good quality products used) but I will have to make sure I have plenty of time and luck the next time I go (IF I decide to do rebonding)! Shall post pictures of my new hair colour if I have the time. The post is getting long...so BYE!

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