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Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

I watched High School Musical 3 in the afternoon. Pretty nice! If you are able to appreciate singing and dancing style of acting, I believe you will enjoy the movie. Nice songs and fantastic dance moves. I love the pairing of Troy & Gabriella too, lots of chemistry between them, probably because they are also a couple in real life.

Although I thought the movie was quite good, my boyfriend fell asleep halfway-through (he did that too when we watched lust-caution last year). I think he didn't like the movie very much as he couldn't understand why they would suddenly start singing and dancing as and when they like (he's not much of a musical person you see). LOL...

We saw a lot of children in the move theatre as HSM is really popular among the kids. I heard a lot of children giggling when Troy kissed Gabriella. LOL. Actually, I don't understand why it's so popular among the primary school children. It doesn't seem to be that "kiddy" to me, seems like a teenage movie rather than a movie suitable for children (romance, teenage rivalry all these). Personally, I got to know about this HSM because of my ex-students in the student care centre. One of the girls (P4 at that time) even lend me the book for reading but I read only halfway through. When I read the story, I thought to myself "is this actually suitable for children?" After watching the movie, I felt so even more. Not that there is many kissing scenes or what (actually only 1 or 2) but I feel the topic is more suitable for teenagers to watch. It is because the children nowadays are too much mature for their age? Well, perhaps.

HSM is a new kind of musical: trendy, young and full of energy. The topic might not be really that suitable for children but I thought it's nice to let the children learn how to appreciate musical since young (so that they won't end up like my bf). I hope Singapore children will grow to love singing and dancing (so that they won't be boring people like us). It will be good to nurture them from young =)

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